Energy Master Course

The solution is within yourself. It is not in a bunch of theories and models. Few people know how to unlock their own inner power & answers though.

This knowledge can be used to be successful in whichever career or relationship you have, especially the relationship with yourself. This knowledge will help you identify challenges & problems right away, which you make you even more capable than any other university degree, MBA or PhD you may want to pursue. This is because your perception will go beyond those levels, when you learn the knowledge taught here - upgrading the way that you function as a human being, which will also help you do the same with others.

Solving your problems right away & other people's, will lead to you unlocking infinite abundance in this world.

Many people rely on extensive overthinking, analyzing, which does not necessarily lead to the best answers but hypothesis. Others, go to meditation, mindfulness, which may ease stress but not necessarily lead to the best solutions either.

If you want to do a good job, accomplish your dreams, grow, heal, lead others, you first need to master yourself. But here, we short cut this process, so you don't need to spend lots of years, suffering and resources on therapy or even coaching. Answers will come fast.

Here you have got a framework with proven knowledge & techniques that will help you tap into your intelligence at a high speed without losing time, money, energy, performance, happiness, love etc. You can apply this knowledge when making decisions in all life areas.

I have got many degrees, certifications and coached thousands of coaches, entrepreneurs & talents over the last decades. I've also started businesses, projects and managed teams. I've discovered none of what I or my clients studied led them to success as a leader, entrepreneur, executive, top talent. There was a very unique factor that differs those who were successful in life & great performance in their work...

It goes far beyond the mindset...

In this program, you will learn about yourself at different levels you have never done before. Besides, you will be able to use these tools to help and guide people around you becoming a true leader - even if you are not aiming at working professionally as such.

The knowledge shared with you is enlightening, bringing you confidence, security within, discernment, clarity, healing and expansion. It is so worthy that you can take with you wherever you go and whatever you experience in life.

You can take the program at your own pace 6-month-access, wherever you are with an internet/phone connection. Unlike other leadership programs, you will get Q&A coaching calls all inclusive. In our calls, we will be tapping intuitively at your challenges, helping you recalibrate your energies and dissolving blocks.

If you need further help, some VIP coaching spots are sometimes open. Talk to Gabi in the beginning of the program for more info.

Yes, I want to level up

Unlock your inner map --> understand complex data into easy words --> make quicker & better decisions

Learn to tap into the intelligence of body, mind, soul & relationships from micro to macrolevel on the spot. That will help you navigate your own balance & your surroundings at a quick pace.

Click in the video to watch Katja, businesswoman, leader, former executive, what she experienced taking part into our program

  • Here is
    why you should learn to develop your self-leadership with my intuitive program
    Energy Master Course (EMC, former name RWL)


    🧡 Your life will become easier as you will learn to integrate the
    awareness of body, mind and spirit (purpose).

    🧡 You will perform better because you will get in touch with your body,
    thoughts, emotions and purpose easily

    🧡 Blocks will be removed from your life that stopped you from moving
    forward and creating what you wish, having good relationships, making your
    opinion heard, understanding yourself & others

    🧡 You will know what to prioritize better because you will be tapping
    into your intuition easily

    🧡 You will have a deeper understanding of self that will take you into
    discovering more about who you are at different levels

    🧡 You will discover the power of healing & manifestation within
    yourself to change whatever circumstance in your life and at work

    🧡 You will heal from past traumas, relationship problems &
    stress-related issues by embracing self-mastery you can get from the knowledge
    & coaching in the program EMC

    🧡 Your daily life will flow better, as you will be able to easily find
    balance & connection with yourself, with no need for meditation,
    long-practices, visualization or other kinds of practices

    🧡 You will develop & understand your extra-sensory perception,
    intuition, newly found gifts and evolve into your best blueprint

    🧡 You will learn to discern as you will remove lies, self-sabotage,
    self-doubt, hurt and other things that may control you from your system

    🧡 your empathic gifts will be developed to huge assets you will be able
    to offer people

    🧡 we will have beautiful coaching sessions that will help you attune to
    your deep inner knowing and solve problems on the spot

    🧡 you will have access to the program & be able to take it at your
    own pace during 6 months + coaching support during 2 months

    🧡 You will get access to +50 video lessons and protocols that will help
    you navigate your personal evolution, work & personal life better

    🧡 A heart-based program to those businesses, leaders & talents that
    goes beyond their mind.

    🧡 You will be able to help more people with the newly found knowledge
    & tools, where you will be able to apply directly to them to achieve better
    results, balance, harmony, revenues etc

    💍 You can choose how you want to invest: pay now, later or as you wish
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  • Program content

    *+50 video lessons you can listen anywhere you are in the world with internet connection


    *Q&As, case-studies & questions

    *possibility to book VIP coaching in case if there is a spot left



    *body awareness

    *mind awareness

    *soul awareness

    *extra-sensory perception (ESP)

    *detecting imbalances intuitively

    *making decisions on the spot

    *accessing hidden subconscious & soul information

    *tool for quick detection & problem-solving

    *functioning at higher speed & performance

    *creating instant alignment with body, mind and soul for better perception, intuition & results

  • Functioning as a Super Human

    A proven framework based on Gabi Gal's doctoral research & clinical experience of coaching thousands of people in their talents, business development and wellness to help you unlock your own intuitive & healing gifts to a higher level. This will have huge impacts on your decision-making & manifesting your desired outcomes in life.

Gabi Gal

Gabi Gal, PhD, has shared her coaching & healing to thousands of people over the last decades on social media, books, music, her program & sessions.

Gabi has huge experience in talent development, growth, wellness, identifying, supporting people's life purpose & guiding them into greater empowerment.

become an intuitive authentic leader


Under 2024 lär Gabi ut hypnosterapi, medial utveckling och quantum medicin på vårt centrum i Småland/ på distans. Du är välkommen att läsa mer på och

anmäla dig här:

20% rabatt om du anmäla dig innan Jul! 

Hypnosterapi (intuitiv hypnosterapi är en modalitet där du kommer lära dig mer om hypnos, induktioner men även hur du kan använda din intuition när du jobbar med någon annan och dig själv)

Medial Utveckling (medial utveckling är en kurs där du kommer få utveckla dina egna mediala kanaler samt öva på din medialitet och även mediumskap på olika sätt). 

Quantum Medicin (quantum medicin är en kurs där du kommer lära dig att bemästra dina energier på djupare planer, intuition, icke-fysiska kroppar och den fysiska kroppen, skapa koherens i hela ditt system och lära dig hur du kan hjälpa dig själv och andra även i svåra situationer).



Boka medial avläsning

Boka Pain Clearing (rensning av blockeringar & ont, CNS omprogrammering) 

Boka en läsning av dina Gåvor (här kan du få detaljer om hur dina energier är uppbyggda och vad du har för starkaste gåva i denna livstid)


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