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Channeled Message / Reading (medial vägledning)

Channeled Message / Reading (medial vägledning)

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Book a reading. I send you a recording to your email. 

After proceeding with your donation, please fill out your question/ issue you wish to get insight on here: (save the link before proceeding with the confirmation)

I will attune to what comes through to you if you don't send me anything. I am not working merely with tarot or oracle cards. I am a medium so I access your energies from far as well as communicate with your guides. I can use cards to get more details but I don't necessarily do it. During the time I am communicating, healing may also come through to you or your issue. 

Information that is coming through is what you need you know for the specific situation. Have an open mind and heart to receive what shall come to you. Sometimes what we get from intuitive readings is very surprising. 



Här kan du boka en medial och intuitiv avläsning via email, där vi skickar inspelningen till dig. Var god fyll in din fråga/situation som du vill att vi ska tona in oss på: (spara länken) innan du bokar avläsningen här.

Om du inte skickar något kommer vi förmedla vad som kommer igenom, vilket kan vara väldigt generellt.  

Om du vill boka en Pain Clearing session kan du prata med mig LIVE. 



my work keeps running because of your donations. thank you.

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