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Pain Clearing Session

Pain Clearing Session

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Human beings are walking computers. But not everyone has the knowledge to update or fix oneself. All that we embody affects out outer reality. In 3D, we accumulate lots of information, faulty programs at physical, mental, emotional, spiritual levels.  

I am a doctor, PhD, and psychic medium, guiding you into quantum medicine to help you transform and strenghthen you on the spot.  Reviews of previous clients on my personal page You may also want to check my Youtube Channel @gabigalworld 


Pain Clearing is an Energy Clearing and update of your grids and other levels of existence to your original and natural energy flow. Pain Clearing is a quantum medicine procedure by distance we do to energetically remove causes of pain, imbalances, challenges you might have been having in your life. It can cause physical reactions but it is subtle and can help you transmute the underlying energies that have been causing blocks in your life. If new layers arise, you are welcome to book a new session. 

We do this over Zoom in small groups or individuals depending on the date and whether I feel energies shall be treated separately. 

Dates are sent to you via email after booking. We are usually working on Tuesdays at 3pm CET. You will get your exact Tuesday via email after booking.


*Trauma clearing

*CNS balancing

*releasing blocks

*strengthening your system

*neutralizing karmic impacts 

*improving focus & perception

*resolving pain, discomfort, stress, unhappiness, grief, anger, frustration & deceit


Every person has a different reaction. When you are introduced to this work the first time, it may take longer to absorb information but not necessarily. When you are returning, it may go much quicker - because your energy has already been rebooted. 

If you want to help someone, your child, partner, family member, animal etc, you can also book and come instead of him or her. We connect telepathically and do the work through you as a surrogate and we communicate telepathically with this person for permission. Please provide name and birthdate or whatever information you have.   

(we talk via Zoom. You get a link to your email some minutes before our call). No need to be on camera, we record the call for records. Gift Gabi for an energy CNS clearing.


You take your own responsibility with what you do with the information provided and results of what we do. 

You will receive via email a zoom link & information about date & time for our upcoming clearing. We do this work once a week or every two weeks individually or in smaller groups where we meet synchronistically powerfully to resolve common issues but also everyone having a chance to communicate. How energy flows depends on the week.


After you confirm your spot here, please save the following link and fill the question /issue you want to get help or insight:


You donation keeps my work going, finance my public work with people over the world on Youtube, spreading my music and supporting my family. Thank you.

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