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Self-leadership Certification Program (Energy Master Course) (6 months, own pace) EARLY BIRD OFFER

Self-leadership Certification Program (Energy Master Course) (6 months, own pace) EARLY BIRD OFFER

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The Energy Master Course is a leadership program that takes you into discovering the microworld and hidden power within you & allow you to embrace the command of your subtle aspects into your leadership. You may want to go this program if you are having a leadership, executive role, leading your family, leading your workplace, your role or even leading yourself higher into turning your dreams into reality. 

No matter the motivation to join this program - if your gut feeling tells you that it is right for you, make sure to register right away. It is a life changing, state-of-the-art program based on Dr. Gabi's research and evidence-based practice +20 years of coaching talents and businesses. 

This program is for you who have any level of empathy, are open-minded for coaching and has experienced the existence of your intuition at times has helped you, though you could not explain why. Here you will understand deeper how it functions in easy language as well as valuable information on how you can tap into it at will, without meditations, mindfulness or other mental-based techniques.

This program entails knowledge of body, mind, soul and relationships at deeper subconscious energy levels. From that, you will learn to turn information into conscious awareness of what most people can't perceive. That may help you resolve any problems in your life, work or business. 

Your intelligence will function higher than 95% of the global population.  Your decision-making skills will quicken and clarity will appear without having to analyze data for a long time- which will save your time, energy resources, relationships and put you in the right track of what you wish to bring into life. It can be a business, your executive function, leading your children, leading you into greater light and problem solving in all life areas.

This is the first step to advance your intelligence, taking it beyond your mind and using your body intelligence more consciously, as well as your soul's intelligence - as you will discover how to access greater part of your wisdom, hidden knowledge you have in your subconscious and superconscious mind. 

This will help you tap into greater understanding of self, but also others. As a result, you will enhance your own life quality, tackle stress better, lead you back into balance in different situations (building resilience) and even others around you. You may also use the knowledge to grow whatever you may wish in your life as gaining higher perception of different situations. 

With this knowledge, you will gain quicker perception of how you can solve simple to difficult problems, navigate your life into greater happiness and release self-doubt, self-sabotage and any kind of negative habit or behavior that may hinder your growth, abundance, performance, development, love or whatever you may seek. 

Access is prel. 6 months. Take it in your own pace.

You agree with all terms of coaching and registration. No refunds. 

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